vegan lactose-free organic
Ligsalzstraße 23, 80339 Munich, Germany
+49 89 411 42458

Opening hours

Sunday 17:00–00:00
Monday 17:00–00:00
Tuesday 17:00–00:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Wednesday 17:00–00:00
Thursday 17:00–00:00
Friday 17:00–00:00
Saturday 17:00–00:00

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4.9 stars from 37 customers

  • A photo of Andreas Lackmann

    Food was great although the tempeh burger was kind of dry. I will try another dish next time, the menu looks creative. I felt rather unwelcome.

    Andreas Lackmann16-06-2019, 16:47
  • A photo of roti81

    Tasty food. We were served quickly. The food was hot and we could choose from a great selection. Everything on the menu, including the drinks, are vegan. The prices were completly fair and the atmosphere was pleasant.

    roti8119-04-2019, 08:52
  • A photo of Susanna Borciani

    My boyfriend and I were very excited to find a bavarese restaurant completely vegan! Our expectations were absolutely met and we had a wonderful dinner; we had Schnitzel ‘Wiener art’, the Buffalo wings, the brand new Beyond meat Burger. Our 4 years old (also vegan like us) had the Kaeees Spatzn. Everything tasted really good, very recommended!!

    Susanna Borciani08-01-2019, 11:10
  • A photo of Vivian C

    Super lecker, alles frisch zubereitet. Top Service mit herzlichen Me SC. Tolle Atmosphäre. Preis-Leistungsverhältnis sehr gut. Es gibt rein gar nichts zu meckern. Hier komme ich auf jeden Fall noch einmal (nicht nur einmal) hin!

    Vivian C20-08-2018, 21:57
  • A photo of Sara Marshall

    Love this place. I was lucky to celebrate their 4 year birthday with them when they served a surprise 3-course meal; mushroom and truffle soup, soya steak and hazelnut mousse. Everything was amazingly done and they were playing awesome indie music too.

    Sara Marshall24-12-2017, 20:42
Ratings 1–5 of 20