Hank Burger, Rue des Archives
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Hank Burger, Rue des Archives

Hank Burger, Rue des Archives

Vegan burgers 5 comments$$
vegan gluten-free lactose-free organic fair-trade
55 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris, France
+33 9 72 44 03 99

Hank has several locations in Paris and Lyon serving 100% vegan food. This location serves a selection of homemade burgers and desserts. Their burgers all include made-from-scratch sauces such as BBQ, tomato and basil or sweet and creamy mustard. Their sides include coleslaw and potato wedges, and for dessert you could choose cookies, carrot cake or a surprise dessert of the day. They also offer gluten-free options.

Opening hours

Sunday 12:00–22:00
Monday 12:00–22:00
Tuesday 12:00–22:00
Wednesday 12:00–22:00
Thursday 12:00–22:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 12:00–22:00
Saturday 12:00–22:00

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4.5 stars from 8 customers

  • A photo of Zsuzsanna Serédi-Szabó

    The staff is friendly, the burger is good although the beyond meat was slightly charred. (But my husband appreciated it, helikes it that way.) All in all it is a good place to have some vegan food.

    Zsuzsanna Serédi-Szabó14-06-2019, 17:36
  • Superleckere Burger, schneller und netter Service, gemütliche Einrichtung

    Thea Oberlechner15-04-2019, 16:47
  • Since a while they offer a Beyond Meat burger patty for 2 Euro more, it's worth it and really delicious!

    plop07-03-2019, 09:52
  • A photo of loulou272889

    Wir waren leider sehr enttäuscht von den Burgern. Die Bedienung war ultranett und alles in Windeseile zubereitet, aber wirklich fad gewürzt und kein Geschmackserlebnis- wir haben sogar zwei unterschiedliche Burger gewählt. Wir würden es nicht empfehlen.

    loulou27288929-12-2018, 23:32
  • A photo of Maria Parzer

    Die Burger waren lecker und die Bedienung sehr nett. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist top

    Maria Parzer30-03-2018, 12:09
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