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vegan gluten-free lactose-free local
50 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0RN, United Kingdom
+44 7807 740049

Lele’s is a vegan café in Clapton serving breakfast, lunch and weekend brunch. The daily-changing menu features vegan delights such as pancakes, vegan cheddar and artichoke toasties, full English breakfast, superfood bowls and patisserie cakes. Produce is locally-sourced where possible. Vegan afternoon tea is served on Sunday. The café is dog-friendly.

Opening hours

Sunday 09:00–17:00
Monday 07:00–18:00
Tuesday 07:00–18:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Wednesday 07:00–18:00
Thursday 07:00–18:00
Friday 07:00–18:00
Saturday 09:00–17:00

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3.0 stars from 2 customers

  • A photo of BrazJam Menina

    Wanted to give this place a go so I pooped in. I was startled by the coffee prices 😳 £3 for a hot chocolate and £3.20 for a mocha. You can choose your milk eg almond, coconut or oat. I went for the banana and peanut butter on toast (£3.50). Hot chocolate arrived. The toast didn’t. I waited. I waited. Then I cancelled it. There was only one other customer in there so I couldn’t understand the delay. The guy behind the till was confused about the delay and apologised. The music was too loud along with the traffic going by on a hot day. The bottle with water at the table didn’t look clean with greasy handling marks. The salt and pepper on the table is in a tiny saucer where presumably people take a pinch of either when required. This wouldn’t meet my hygiene standards. Sadly, I wouldn’t go back.

    BrazJam Menina04-07-2018, 16:35
  • A photo of Sara Marshall

    Recently gone 100% vegan and it promotes the ethical reasons behind it to customers. Small, boutique style café with wholesome food, delicious cakes and hot drinks.

    Sara Marshall14-01-2018, 13:05
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