Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant
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Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Country Life Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegan buffet, bakery & brunch 2 comments$$
vegan gluten-free lactose-free
15 Roxbury Street, Keene NH 03431, United States
+1 (603) 357 3975

Country Life is an independent vegan restaurant serving breakfast, brunch, and a buffet-style lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. The popular Sunday brunch includes tofu scramble, waffles, and pancakes, and their lunch buffet features a range of hot & cold items. Country Life also operate as a bakery, which includes gluten-free items. A takeaway service is also available.

Opening hours

Sunday 10:00–15:00
Monday 11:30–15:00
Tuesday 11:30–15:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Wednesday 11:30–15:00
Thursday 11:30–20:00

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4.8 stars from 4 customers

  • A photo of Alicia Clinton

    Delicious!! Menus changes as well so it’s not the same stuff all the time! Cute little place. Buffet style and do all you can eat or weight and it was good a really price! Everything is made on site. I would recommend anyone to come here! Try it and you will love it at minimum you’ll like it and come back!

    Alicia Clinton17-06-2018, 15:20
  • A photo of Jeanette Clinton

    We are on a road trip and had no idea where to eat (I’m vegan & have celiac) and this came up on the VB app. Heaven!!!! All but two items in the buffet were gluten free, and everything was vegan. We had pancakes (sooooo good!), Mongolian beef (my favorite dish here!) mashed potatoes (best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had!!), chocolate cream pie, tofu scramble (not great but only because I’m not a fan of tofu) , etc. The owner makes everything herself so she knew exactly what ingredients were in the food. She was really helpful and sweet and it was awesome to know we’re support a small, local business. There’s also a little store with local honey, maple syrup, nuts, spices and homemade baked goods. I’d make a trip up to NH just to go here again!

    Jeanette Clinton17-06-2018, 15:19
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