Green Leaf Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant
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Green Leaf Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

Green Leaf Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

Veggie bar and restaurant 2 comments
vegan vegetarian gluten-free lactose-free organic local
62 Water Street, Framingham MA 01701, United States
+1 (508) 309 3009

Green Leaf is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant offering some healthy dishes and tempting desserts. They label their vegan and gluten-free options clearly, and offer brunch, lunch and dinner. Their options include Double Decker Nachos with vegan cheese, tofu scramble, quinoa fritters, soy strips, and butternut kale lasagna. Their dessert menu is always changing, however they may have warm apple pie, carrot cake, sticky toffee pudding and much more.

Opening hours

Sunday 11:00–19:00
Tuesday 11:00–19:00
Wednesday 11:00–19:00
Thursday 11:00–19:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 11:00–19:00
Saturday 11:00–19:00

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4.0 stars from 2 customers

  • A photo of Olivia Yeager

    I appreciate that it is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options and that alone makes it at least worth a try for vegans/vegetarians in the area. However, it is worth saying that there are aspects of the restaurant that not quite as appealing. For one, all of the food is served in disposable containers (no plates or metal silverware) and you need to order at the counter and similarly pick up all of your food from the counter, even when dining in. Now that is not unappealing to everyone but it is not particularly a restaurant with a lot of ambience and it does seem a bit wasteful (even though I believe all of the containers are compostable/recyclable) to have to use disposable containers for all menu items. Given that, the price of the food is not particularly worth the hassle, especially given some of the lacking quality. There are some good appetizers and salads (gobi Manchurian, vegan double decker nachos, falafel) and desserts, but I find that many of the entrees are disappointing. The burrito is all bland, mushy items in a hard tortilla (refried beans, soft rice, guacamole cream, and an inordinate amount of sour cream), the Mediterranean millet risotto is soggy and the flavor is too strong, the pizzas are thin and stacked too heavily with toppings that all spill out, and at least on one occasion, the enchiladas came out hot on the outside and cold on the inside. That does not mean others could not enjoy the entrees, but my recommendation might be to share multiple appetizers and desserts, as in my experience the entrees were particularly lackluster.

    Olivia Yeager13-11-2019, 23:09
  • A photo of Jane Kendall Murphy

    Best Vegan/Vegetarian food in the area. Gobi Manchurian a must. Brunch is awesome. Not a bad choice on the menu.

    Jane Kendall Murphy07-08-2018, 12:50
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