Zest Kitchen
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Zest Kitchen

Zest Kitchen

Fresh, Healthy, Organic, Clean, Local, Delicious! 2 comments$$
vegan gluten-free lactose-free organic local raw food
2620 Sunset Boulevard, Rocklin CA 95677, United States
+1 (916) 824 1688

In their soothing casual environment, Zest serves a menu of healthy vegan cuisine that is mainly organic and consists of cooked and fresh raw foods with something to please everyone. Everything is hand made in house with fresh ingredients (no preservatives, no microwaves, no artificial anything!) and is allergy friendly: everything is naturally gluten free (or can be made that way) and many items are nut free. All menu items are dairy free, refined sugar free, and free of artificial colors and flavors. All are delicious! Try the Chipotle Tacos or the Chocolate Zest Pudding.

Opening hours

Sunday 09:00–19:00
Monday 08:00–20:30
Tuesday 08:00–20:30
Wednesday 08:00–20:30
(can vary during public holidays)
Thursday 08:00–20:30
Friday 08:00–20:30
Saturday 08:00–20:30

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4.7 stars from 3 customers

  • A photo of Julie Segers

    My husband and I ate here for the first time yesterday. He loved his tacos and berry smoothie and he is only vegan on the weekends when he is with me. I had one of the burgers, it was ok. We also took home 2 individual berry pies for later. Delicious. I bought a package of green match tea that I can’t wait to try. We will be back to try different meals! Nice people working there.

    Julie Segers07-07-2018, 12:52
  • A photo of Cyrianex

    This is the best vegan food I have ever had. Although the service could be faster, it is totally worth the wait. I have been here twice now, and my orders have never failed to impress me. The first time I went, I had an amazing burger that I would totally recommend to any vegan that craves a plant-based arby's burger. (oh, and I had it with lentil chips. Amazing for a garlic lover.) The second time, I had the vegetable Quesadilla and peppermint mocha. First of all, congrats on making a decaf mocha taste amazing. And, second of all, it has just the right amount of peppermint. The Quesadilla, of course, was amazing. It didn't have much cheese, so it could have been comparable to a taco. (I would have liked it either way.) My one complaint about it was that the slices were too big to hold. (then again, I am very small.) I totally recommend this place to anybody willing to read through my long review. Love you. -some 14 year old trans vegan

    Cyrianex11-06-2018, 03:41
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