Vegan International Co. Kitchen & Market
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Vegan International Co. Kitchen & Market

Vegan International Co. Kitchen & Market

Vegan Kitchen & Market 5 comments$
vegan lactose-free
13751 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa FL 33613, United States
+1 (813) 252 3147

Vegan International Co. Kitchen & Market is a local café and restaurant offering a 100% vegan menu, serving hot food and weekly international specials. There is a range to choose from including smoothies, daily-changing soups and desserts, sides such as sweet potatoes, mac & cheese and Moroccan spiced carrot, patties and empanadas – full size and mini! – and earth protein, tofu or ocean protein served with curry, jerk, BBQ or brown sauce. And much more besides. Breakfast and brunch options are being offered – check Facebook for the latest.

Also serving as a venue to educate everyone about the plethora of options available when you go Vegan.

Opening hours

Sunday 11:00–20:00
Monday 11:00–20:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Tuesday 11:00–20:00
Wednesday 11:00–20:00
Thursday 11:00–20:00
Friday 11:00–20:00
Saturday 09:00–15:00

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5.0 stars from 5 customers

  • A photo of Raven Jade

    Awesome food!! Awesome people!!!

    Raven Jade28-07-2020, 14:06
  • A photo of boney feather

    The food here NEVER disappoints and the service is amazing. Everyone’s super friendly. The place also sells vegan snacks and frozen meals to take home. 😍🤤

    boney feather19-07-2019, 18:33
  • A photo of Bintuwrong Bear

    Incredible place, super friendly staff, 100% recommended.

    Bintuwrong Bear11-06-2019, 03:36
  • A photo of Ryan Prescott

    So good, you have to try it!

    Ryan Prescott14-08-2018, 01:58
  • A photo of Samantha Wenger

    i traveled from northern virginia to florida and had to try out this new vegan restaurant. when i walked in, i was greeted by this absolutely positive and energetic girl running the store. the restaurant has foods from philly cheese steaks, empanadas, mac and cheese, different kinds of chips/snacks, cake slices, and a variety of delicious cookies that are all 100% vegan. i am not gluten sensitive but saw that there were a few gluten free options as well. i will definitely be returning whenever i visit florida again!

    Samantha Wenger20-07-2018, 19:01
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