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We are happy to answer any of your questions. And in case you are not a vegan, but are curious about plant-based food, we would gladly meet you at one of the many vegan restaurants—wherever you are on the road!

About vanilla bean

vanilla bean is the service created by Grünzeug GmbH, a startup from Regensburg. The founder team consists of the app specialists Christian Hengl, Fabian Kreipl, Tobias Kreß and Bastian Schumacher.

To solve the environmental crisis we believe that our ways of consumption and production have to fundamentally change. Grünzeug exists to help make this change, so that an eco-friendly society can arise. We do this by connecting green businesses with green consumers. Our goal is to build the best service for both of them. To inspire conventional businesses to become greener. To show the world how easy one can live an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. Only with choice a revolution can happen.

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