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  • I’m excited for this nice new app, it helps you find vegan-friendly restaurants!

    Emily Deschanel Emily Deschanel Actress, director, and producer
  • I am a big fan of vanilla bean. The vanilla bean team is passionate in their commitment to a plant-based world, and that passion shows through in the excellent program they have developed. Their directory is full of helpful information on local restaurants, and could not be more user-friendly. I give vanilla bean a big thumbs up!

    Nelson Campbell Nelson Campbell Founder of PlantPure, Inc. and the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, and director and writer of the documentary film “PlantPure Nation”
  • vanilla bean is such a handy tool for vegans and those who want to give it a try. The app makes it easy to find plant-based dining options on the go.

    Matthew Glover Matthew Glover Co-founder of Veganuary