I am love

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vegan vegetarian lactose-free organic local
Moltkestraße 3, 45138 Essen, Germany
+49 234 709 53002

TAKE NOTE: Closes earlier in case of bad weather, closed from mid-October until mid-March

I am love is an ice cream parlour with many vegan options. The ice cream is made without artificial additives, only from natural ingredients. Many of them are organic and regional. Moreover, I am love offers sugar-free kinds of ice cream. Many of the sundaes can be ordered as vegan version. If you don't feel like having ice cream, you'll easily find something else: The menu offers vegan waffles with coconut cream, cake, panini, sandwiches, chilli sin carne as well as vegan curry sausage with baguette. If you can't decide between ice cream and coffee, get the iced coffee: The vegan once includes espresso, hazelnut ice cream and coconut cream. Furthermore, I am love serves smoothies, lassis, iced chai and more. All coffee specialties can be ordered with soya milk.

Make others happy by buying "ice cream for the world" gift vouchers: With your voucher homeless people, refugees, children and youths in difficult circumstances can get ice cream for free.

Opening hours

Sunday 11:00–22:00
Monday 11:00–22:00
Tuesday 11:00–22:00
Wednesday 11:00–22:00
Thursday 11:00–22:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 11:00–22:00
Saturday 11:00–22:00

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5.0 stars from 4 customers

  • A photo of Kim Reese

    Super lecker, absolut empfehlenswert! Viele verschiedene vegane Sorten und neben Fruchteis zB auch dunkle Schokolade oder Lickers (Snickers)

    Kim Reese28-06-2019, 17:50
  • A photo of Patrizia Hahs

    sehr leckeres Eis mit viel Auswahl!

    Patrizia Hahs30-09-2018, 10:26
  • A photo of Stephan Gajewski

    Lecker lecker lecker!!! Viel Auswahl und oft wechselnde Sondersorten.

    Stephan Gajewski26-04-2018, 10:01
  • A photo of Katharina Fesser

    I am IN love! Sehr leckeres Eis. Es gibt wechselnde Sorten, so kann man öfter was Neues ausprobieren. Die Preise sind verschiedenen, je nach Sorte und Zutaten; insgesamt fair. Kann kaum erwarten, dass die Saison beginnt!

    Katharina Fesser02-03-2018, 20:33
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