Onion Maiden
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Onion Maiden

Onion Maiden

Asian & American comfort food One comment$$
vegan gluten-free lactose-free local
639 East Warrington Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15210, United States
+1 (412) 586 7347

NOTE: This venue is cash only, with an ATM on the premise.

Onion Maiden is a completely vegan restaurant and food purveyor in South Pittsburgh. It started life as a pop-up travelling throughout the city, but has now settled-down in the neighborhood of Allentown. Following the theme, Onion Maiden’s menu features music-themed items such as the Burning Witch chili lentil soup and the Straight to Hell rice noodle salad with tofu and lemongrass, there’s a mix of vegetable-based Asian and American comfort food and baked goods. The whole menu aims to show that vegan food isn’t just salads and definitely isn’t boring.

You can bring your own bottle at a charge of $1 per person.

There is a Saturday brunch menu which changes weekly, check Facebook for this week’s.

Onion Maiden has been acclaimed best vegan or vegetarian restaurant by the Pittsburgh City Paper, and the best restaurant of any sort in South Pittsburgh.

Opening hours

Wednesday 17:00–22:00
Thursday 17:00–22:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 17:00–22:00
Saturday 10:00–14:00

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5.0 stars from 3 customers

  • A photo of Dee Bee

    Fantastic, quirky indie vegan eatery (BYOB) with a unique Iron Maiden theme reflected in the decor and menu. We had the EyeAteTots as an appetizer but destroyed them before I took a pic. The Three-Eyed ramen was wonderful and the hubby finished his spicy Wardog posthaste. We also grabbed some to-go baked goods that were delicious AND in the back, they have a fridge of delights like fudge, cashew cheese and kimchi. It’s cash only but also have an ATM on-site.

    Dee Bee15-07-2018, 03:10
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