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Chive Kitchen

Chive Kitchen

Vegan dishes that appeal to a wide range of tastes. 2 comments$$
vegan vegetarian gluten-free lactose-free
33043 Grand River Avenue, Farmington MI 48336, United States
+1 (248) 516 7144

Chive Kitchen is an eatery in Farmington that serves plant-based food influenced by Portuguese and Western European cuisine as well as flavors inspired by Mexican dishes.

They are 100% vegan and the dishes they offer range from a selection of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, burritos, hot dogs and tacos from the lunch menu, noodle bowls, a variety of burgers, pasta dishes and a seitan chicken curry from the dinner menu and a choice of tofu scrambles, a breakfast burrito and a breakfast burger from the brunch menu. There is also a choice of tasty treats to choose from on the dessert menu such as an apricot chocolate cake and a blueberry and lemon upside down cake and specialty cakes can be ordered in advance. There are gluten-free options offered on all menus and a kids menu is also provided.

The drinks menu offers a selection of beers, wines, floats and a variety of cocktails, hot cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and even a kombucha mojito.

The venue is also available to hire out for private parties and functions with catering provided.

Opening hours

Sunday 10:00–14:00
Tuesday 11:00–21:00
Wednesday 11:00–21:00
Thursday 11:00–21:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 11:00–22:00
Saturday 11:00–22:00

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4.8 stars from 4 customers

  • A photo of Laura Forgays Boike

    Great place! I’ve had the Reuben and the Artichoke Po’ Boy, and both were outstanding. The desserts are top notch, too. Great staff

    Laura Forgays Boike26-04-2018, 15:10
  • A photo of Marie Gallagher

    Love this restaurant. Great environment, staff, and food, (cheese is all homemade!:)) some must tries are the caprese melt and chili cheese fries!

    Marie Gallagher22-04-2018, 04:29
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