Uncle Oogie's Pizzeria
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Uncle Oogie's Pizzeria

Uncle Oogie's Pizzeria

Pizzeria & Speciality Sandwiches 2 comments$
vegan vegetarian omnivorous gluten-free lactose-free
6118 Landis Avenue, Sea Isle City NJ 08243, United States
+1 (609) 263 6086

Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria is a family-owned and run pizzeria and multi-cuisine restaurant in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. There are three Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria outlets with the others being in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria’s food joins together classic Italian and South Philadelphian cuisine and is now offering a full vegan menu across all three of its locations, which means all the classic pizza options and more besides being available to vegan diners. There’s the classic and white pizzas, with alternatives featuring vegan chicken, bacon and dairy-free cheese, as wells as vegan sausage and daiya cheese. All with specified vegan salads, toppings, wings and cheesesteak, and if you ask, vegan desserts. All Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria regular and whole wheat dough is also vegan.

There are delivery, eat in and take out options across all Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria locations. Uncle Oogie’s Pizzeria also offer catering.

Opening hours

Sunday 10:00–23:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Monday 11:00–23:00
Tuesday 11:00–23:00
Wednesday 11:00–23:00
Thursday 11:00–23:00
Friday 11:00–00:00
Saturday 10:00–00:00

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4.7 stars from 3 customers

  • A photo of Eva Swanger

    Only place on the island with this good of a vegan menu!

    Eva Swanger25-06-2019, 23:48
  • A photo of Amy Zdrojesky

    Best vegan pizza I’ve had! I had the vegan buffalo chicken pizza with a side of vegan ranch and it was unbelievably good. My husband had the vegan Hawaii pizza and he loved it. He stopped at one point to make sure it wasn’t real bacon on it because it tastes so similar. They have great choices for vegan pizzas and strombolies. We will definitely be back!

    Amy Zdrojesky24-06-2018, 19:01
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