Veggie Grill, Santana Row
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Veggie Grill, Santana Row

Veggie Grill, Santana Row

Celebrate the Vegetable! One comment$$
vegan gluten-free lactose-free
3055 Olin Avenue, San Jose CA 95128, United States
+1 (408) 296 6473

Veggie Grill is a chain of restaurants in California, Washington and Oregon that serve fresh and healthy plant-based cuisine. They are 100% vegan and their menu offers a huge variety of tasty dishes that range from a selection of burgers and sandwiches, including a Santa Fe Crispy ‘Chicken’ sandwich, to a choice of salads (for example, a Mediterranean greens salad), bowls, tacos, shareable sides, snacks, seasonal dishes, and comfort food such as mac-n-cheese. A kids menu is also provided and gluten-free options are available throughout the menu. The dessert menu offers homemade treats such as carrot cake, cookies, and a gluten-free chocolate brownie.

On the drinks menu, there is a choice of beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, beer, sodas, coconut water, and kombucha.

A takeaway service is available as well as catering for special events, private parties, and functions. 

Opening hours

Sunday 11:00–22:00
Monday 11:00–22:00
Tuesday 11:00–22:00
Wednesday 11:00–22:00
Thursday 11:00–22:00
Friday 11:00–23:00
Saturday 11:00–23:00
(can vary during public holidays)

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4.3 stars from 4 customers

  • A photo of Penelope Low

    I was so happy when Veggie Grill opened. They had an interesting menu, and the food was almost always colorfully and attractively presented, and delicious. We were there last Sunday evening and had a terrible experience. It was late and they may have run out of food. My Santa Fe crispy chicken sandwich looked like a turkey burger in a bun. I have had this many times, and I didn’t remember it ever looking or tasting like this. The fries were excellent but my partner’s Sonora (?) bowl was gross. It was a tiny portion (1/2 cup for $12.00) looked miserable, AND I thought it tasted moldy. I would have sent it back but I guess he was hungry but did agree that it wasn’t great. I am extremely disappointed and hope this is a one time off day because Veggie Grill has been my go to restaurant for impressing omnis with awesome plant based food.

    Penelope Low14-03-2019, 16:27
  • A photo of Veganuary

    Pro TipVeggie Grill, Santana Row is a top recommendation from Veganuary.

    Veganuary19-01-2018, 07:58
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