Vapiano, Rheinstraße
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Vapiano, Rheinstraße

Vapiano, Rheinstraße

vegan vegetarian omnivorous gluten-free lactose-free
Rheinstraße 103, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany
+49 6151 667 5666

Opening hours

Sunday 11:00–00:00
Monday 10:00–00:00
Tuesday 10:00–00:00
Wednesday 10:00–00:00
Thursday 10:00–00:00
Friday 10:00–01:00
Saturday 10:00–01:00
(can vary during public holidays)

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2.0 stars from 4 customers

  • A photo of Arne Büchner

    Dieses, wie auch die anderen Vapiano Restaurants sind qualitativ auf dem absteigenden Ast. Die vegane Auswahl basiert auf weglassen statt gestalten und ist nicht wirklich erwähnenswert. Die Pasta verklebt, der Salat schlecht geputzt und das Brot weich wie ein Schwamm. Die Bar unterbesetzt und überfordert. Dass es die hochwertigen Weine nicht mehr glasweise gibt ist ebenfalls eine schlechte Entwicklung. So wird z.B. Hans im Glück weiter Gäste abziehen - sehr schade.

    Arne Büchner13-09-2018, 15:51
  • A photo of Anca Tebrian

    I only give this restaurant a star because I cannot give them a 0/10, but if it was possible, I would. This restaurant pretends to be all “vegan friendly” but on the occasion I went: 1. They didn’t have many of the dishes offered as vegan available at the time. This came off as kind of weird, but it can happen. 2. We ordered a pasta dish which was clearly stated on the menu as vegan, yet the first time they served it to us, it had cheese on it. So my question is: why label dishes as vegan if you’re not going to make them vegan?! Long story short, they remade it and we had to wait +30 mins. in total for a sad, small AF pasta dish. 3. The food in general (we ordered the pasta, the bruschetta and a tomato soup) tasted extremely oily. Especially the pasta dish, which was supposed to be already creamy enough thanks to the avocado cream in it. What is the point of having avocado in a dish if it’s be drenched in oil anyways? Again: tasteless food, too much oil. I haven’t tasted food as bad as this since I first went vegan more than 2 years ago. 4. When asked at the cashier how our experience was, we pointed out the inconsistency with labeling and the cheese incident. Their response? They just laughed it off, as if it was more than normal to add animal products to a vegan dish. Excuse me?! TL,DR: mislabeling, awful taste, long waiting until they cook your vegan dish correctly, too expensive for what it is. We went to the Vapiano near the Central Station and let me tell you, if you have to choose between going to Vapiano and picking up some fruit and fresh nuts from the supermarket inside the Central Station, go for the supermarket. Or not, since there are a few nice vegan options around Luisenplatz (Ertan’s Germüse Kebap, Çigköftem etc.). So don’t even bother with Vapiano.

    Anca Tebrian11-06-2018, 13:50
  • A photo of Andreas Radsziwill

    They only had 1 out of 5 special menu vegan dishes available. So I ordered a vegan labelled pasta dish from the regular menu instead. Once the plate was prepared the cook put cheese on it without even asking. So I had my order redone taking extra time. I also got the tomato soup and Bruschetta. All in all the food was very oily and salty and for the avocado cream pasta the flavours didn't really combine well. When asked by the cashier how I liked it, and I told her about the cheese thing she just laughed it off.

    Andreas Radsziwill10-06-2018, 15:41
  • A photo of Anna Pi

    Bietet eine ordentliche Auswahl an veganen und vegetarischen Gerichten. Die Gerichte sind auch dementsprechend auf der Karte mit vegan oder vegetarisch ausgeschildert! Das erleichtert die ganze Sache. Jedoch finde ich Vapiano preislich für die kleinen Portionen, die man dort bekommt eindeutig zu teuer. Qualität des Essens ist okay, besser als bei den meisten Ketten-Restaurants aber nicht überdurchschnittlich gut. Ab und zu gibt es auch Aktionen mit neuen Gerichten, diese gibt es aber nur für eine limitierte Zeit.

    Anna Pi05-04-2018, 14:44
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