The Colonial Diner
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The Colonial Diner

The Colonial Diner

Neigborhood Diner 2 comments$$
vegan vegetarian omnivorous gluten-free lactose-free
924 N Broad Street, Woodbury NJ 08096, United States
+1 (856) 848 6732

The Colonial Diner has been serving great food for over 50 years. Breakfast is served from 6 am, and you can get lunch, dinner, late night favorites and weekend brunch. The vegetarian menu choices are all vegan-friendly, such as the Vegan Three Bean Chili, Vegan Power Bowl and Vegan Tacos.

Opening hours

Sunday 06:00–23:00
Monday 06:00–23:00
Tuesday 06:00–23:00
Wednesday 06:00–23:00
Thursday 06:00–23:00
(can vary during public holidays)
Friday 06:00–01:00
Saturday 06:00–01:00

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3.5 stars from 2 customers

  • A photo of Diana Sullivan

    We drove almost 2 hours because we’d heard they had a lot of vegan options. Totally bummed out with our experience. We had the poutine which was OK but not hot. I don’t really like soup but my husband said it was OK. He had a “beaf” sandwich which was also not hot and plain- it needed something else on it. I had the cheesesteak which was covered in lettuce, tomato, onion and Italian dressing that completely threw off the taste... and was lukewarm. I also ordered the beet and chickpea salad which may have been bad. It seemed to have been soaking in something that was tangy, almost fizzled in our mouths. We were super psyched to have Michael’s seitan but they did not do it justice. All in all, not worth the drive.

    Diana Sullivan17-10-2019, 17:29
  • A photo of NightshadeMoon

    The Vegan food served there that I’ve had the pleasure of ordering so far has been absolutely delicious!!!! The Vegan lentil soup, Green Goddess Tofu and Avocado salad, and Vegan German Chocolate cake all were super delicious and satisfying!! I definitely will recommend other Vegans to go check out their food! I will definitely be returning to experience more of their Vegan deliciousness!!

    NightshadeMoon15-06-2018, 12:35
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