Vegan Beat

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vegan gluten-free lactose-free
Perikleous 56, 105 60 Athens, Greece
+30 21 0321 3009

Vegan Beat is a cozy vegan street food restaurant offering mediterranean and Greek food such as Greek salad, gyros, burgers, sandwiches, cakes and more.

Opening hours

Sunday 00:00–21:00
Monday 00:00–22:00
Tuesday 00:00–22:00
Wednesday 00:00–22:00
Thursday 00:00–22:00
Friday 00:00–23:00
Saturday 00:00–23:00
(can vary during public holidays)

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4.5 stars from 8 customers

  • A photo of Oonagh O'Regan

    The owner told me it is 100,000 to set up a franchise?. People on a farm, on Aegina, where I reported that they lashed an abused dog across the face, infront of me, said the owner of Vegan Beat won the money to start it on a TV show, 30,000. I don't know, who is telling the truth. I was kind and professional. They were paranoid saying they have to vet me, because I may steal their idea? I gave them ideas? I am a good person. I think he bases his judgement of others on himself. It's bizarre. A woman connected to them told me another vegan restaurant Cookomela is bad and not to go there? Bad mouthing the business. This is dirty business practices. The owner is supported by the illuminati. Off of a TV show.

    Oonagh O'Regan07-08-2023, 12:23
  • A photo of Michael Posch

    Fast food Greek style that tastes simply amazing!

    Michael Posch07-09-2022, 19:58
  • A photo of GM Aselmann

    First place we went to visit when arriving in Athens and definetely the right decision! Service was really friendly and made sure to double check everything once I mentioned my nut allergies. Space gyros were absolutely amazing! Made from oyster mushrooms, served in fried a pita bread with salad and vegan zaziki for only 3,90€. They also offer homemade kombucha, lemonade and tartes which were really nice as well. Big recommendation!

    GM Aselmann31-07-2022, 13:20
  • Lecker und außergewöhnliches Ambiente

    Heli21-07-2019, 19:33
  • A photo of Samantha Plus

    Super accueil, minuscule salle de restaurant mais les mets sont frais, simples et délicieux. Nous y sommes même allés 2 fois !

    Samantha Plus09-06-2019, 14:35
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